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Delphi source files and links  

Here is a list of downloadable Delphi source file and useful links.
If you want to add your source code or link here
please submit it :)

Avi Creator 1.5 sources  

Sources of the
Avi Creator program.

Calc By Step  

Calc-By-Step is a scientist calculator that was first created as an educational tool presented to the BAC 2000 exams in France. Calc-By-Step was an attempt of creating a calculator in Delphi, to show how to create a lexical and syntaxic parser and evaluator. Delphi 5 sources are included in this package, as Calc-By-Step is a Free Software.


PasW32 is the Borland Pascal compatible RTL for 32 bits version of Delphi. You can compile in Delphi old applications written with Borland Pascal or you can create new console mode applications with a set of units compatible with the BP RTL. In addition, you have all the advantages and speed of 32-bit programming under WIN32 operating system, access to all the memory available in your system, no 64Kb limit and full access to WIN32 API.


Source code of this free C/C++ IDE.


Here is the source code of the LaserWar game. Need DirectX and some components. See Sourcecode.txt after downloading.


This package is a port of the CoPascal compiler/interpreter from TurboPascal to Delphi 1 and 3. Originally written by Niklaus Wirth and Charles Schoening.


Simple crypt/decrypt programs which demonstrate the use of the XOR algorithm. Include Delphi sources

CD Player  

It is a CD player written in Delphi 5


Get Bloodshed CD

You can get all the software available on this site on a CD. This is the list of all software included on ONE CD:

Dev-C++ 4 CD version
Dev-C++ 4.01 update
Dev-C++ for Linux
Dev-Pascal 1.9
QuickInstall 2.0
Avi Creator 1.0
Dev-C++ 4 sources
Dev-Pascal 1.9 sources
Multibox 4.0
Fast Cleaner 1.0
LaserWar sources for Delphi
Calc-By-Step 1.0
Dev-C++ Packages
+ Goodies !


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